5 Essential Apps for Minimalists

I’m always on the lookout for apps that can simplify my life. It’s unfortunate that the majority of the ones I download never live up to my expectation. Over the years I’ve refined the apps I use. Having said that, there are a couple that I find provide the right amount of value. I should admit before I continue, that I love well-thought out, well-designed apps. Generally, user experience and design is a big part of my decision when downloading an app.

1) IFTTT for iOS

I’m a big fan of automation when it works out and isn’t clunky. IFTTT does a great job of tying together everyday tasks to save you micro-chunks of time. It allows you to create recipes for popular apps that can’t speak to each other by default. The world is your oyster here.

2) Bear for iOS

Bear is a note-taking app which uses #hashtags to categorise and file notes. Bear’s design is clean and minimal while encouraging focus and organisation. It’s essentially a minimal Evernote, without all the clutter. It comes with a Mac App as well and uses iCloud to sync notes. If you’re a fan of Markdown, you’ll want to download Bear immediately.

3) Calm

Calm has come a long way since its initial release. It’s clean, easy to navigate and packed with features. Coupled with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones (I use the AKG N60NC), Calm is your best friend. After a busy day at the office or life in general, Calm helps me get back some of the zen I lose each day. Calms latest feature, Sleep Stories is my favourite. Think of it as adult bedtime stories. It puts you to sleep like a baby. Well worth a try.

4) Revolut

One of the latest additions to mobile, global banking. Revolut has fast become my favourite finance app. Revolut is a cross-border, multi-currency bank. It essentially creates a bank account for you in the country of origin for the currency you choose. I travel to the US and UK a lot and Revolut has proved itself invaluable. You can even get a physical card delivered to your residential address. I use Revolut for all online payments and transferring currency is a breeze. The card has a smart location feature as well. This means it will spend the appropriate currency, in the appropriate location. Easy as pie.

It even has a well-designed, material design-inspired layout which makes me happy.

5) Apple News

I don’t often mention factory apps in my reviews, but I am overly impressed with Apple News. Its intelligence is evident, and it’s rare for me to have to manually search for news anymore. The app is simple and decluttered. Its native integration with iOS makes it an easy choice over Google News or CNN / BBC. In fact, it’s the only app that I allow to send Push Notifications. That must be saying something.

I’m interested in hearing your experiences with the apps suggested above. I’m also always on the lookout for new and shiny apps to add to my collection. If you have any comments and suggestions, please contact me or get in touch on Twitter: @dainemawer

Originally published at bminimal.blog on August 20, 2018.

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