I’ve always thought surfing is a reflection of who you are ~ Kelly Slater

It’s 6AM and I’m sitting on a deck, over looking some of the best waves in Southern Africa. The graceful swell of the oceans pulse looks slow and infinite. The outline of surfers interrupt the organised chaos that ripples across the water while the waves crash to the lonely aubade’s sung by the sea birds.

To the outside world, riding waves and chasing barrels at 6AM in the morning, seems glamorous. …

It’s a colorful life

Photo by Christian Sterk on Unsplash

I have to admit that this is the first time I’ve ever written about, or publically acknowledged, that I am part of a very select group of humans that would consider themselves [on varying degrees] a synesthete.

My very first experience of synesthesia was quite profound. I was lying down in bed and saw a flash of light. My first assumption was that it was lightning, but there was no evidence of storm clouds outside. It was only after I heard a repeated loud banging in the distance did I do a bit of research. You see, at times, under…

Choosing and developing a career path is hard. Everyone, unless you’re one of those lucky humans who happened to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right product, will spend a lot of time developing and nurturing a career path.

Thirty years ago, the world was a bigger place. Career options were limited to a set of pre-approved industries: medicine, law, engineering and finance. …

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I think we’ve all established that anxiety has become a rather big problem in our modern day world. As humankind swiftly moves ahead towards cramming more “stuff” into a day people are ever so surely being left in the proverbial dust.

The other day, I read a post that implied that “Anxiety is not an excuse” — it was a fair point to make, but it felt ignorant. Anxiety, in my opinion, is not that simple.

In fact, its one of the most complex emotions that a human being can experience. One, that without plenty of understanding and context, can…

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So, you wanna learn React? Its quite a daunting idea isn't it? No matter what background you come from, React has positioned itself at the forefront of a major paradigm shift within the context of Web 2.0. The days of jQuery are over, the days of brittle frameworks are numbered.

What does this mean? Well, to keep up with the times, we, as engineers need to make sure we’re on the cutting edge. …

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

Anxiety is such a misunderstood concept in our modern world. Its the invisible epidemic that affects millions of people. People you respect and admire, people you abuse and people that you aren't even aware of.

I'm sitting in a coffee shop writing this post. Every now and then, I look up from my laptop to look at people. I mean really look at people. Not judge them on what they are wearing or how they are chewing their food, but to see if its possible to decipher what they are struggling with.

My conclusion: It’s not possible to know. That's…


  1. Hide the Badge App Icon
  2. Set Banners to Temporary and Remove from History
  3. Keep Banners in Lock Screen
  4. Use Do Not Disturb, and Filter Important Contacts
  5. Unsubscribe, All The Things

The 21st century has brought more upon us than just Uber, Apple and Amazon. Every service we sign up to binds us to a constant flooding of newsletters, and special deals. Our apps are constantly notifying us of what we haven’t done and goals that we haven’t achieved. We’re constantly updated on feature improvements, CEO rambles and company achievements.

Is it all necessary?

…is the question I ask myself…

It’s not that often that I come across peers in the workplace that are truly organised. What do I mean by purely organised? Well, people often confuse organisation with time management. They’re two different concepts and everyone’s work environment is different and unique. Time management is a dry topic, so let’s rather talk about how we organise and manage our 9–5.

Typically, work involves different focus areas. Each area could do with some “minimalism” with regards to how we go about tackling them. It’s important to understand that the suggestions below don’t work for every business. I come from a…

I’m always on the lookout for apps that can simplify my life. It’s unfortunate that the majority of the ones I download never live up to my expectation. Over the years I’ve refined the apps I use. Having said that, there are a couple that I find provide the right amount of value. I should admit before I continue, that I love well-thought out, well-designed apps. Generally, user experience and design is a big part of my decision when downloading an app.

1) IFTTT for iOS

The <head> section is a really important part of a website that needs looking after!

WordPress is great. I work with it every day of my life. I’ve always been an incredibly neat person, and I’ve found that WordPress does a really bad job of keeping the <head> neat. When you “View Source” or check out the DOM in Chrome Developer Tools, you can immediately tell its a WordPress site with all the junk that’s injected in as meta data.

I’m sure the core team had their reasons, but a large majority of the tags that get inserted are relatively useless, and only really sufficed for legacy sites and services. Whats more, is that if…

Daine Mawer

| I tinker with Front-end at 10up.com | Conference Speaker | Writer | Traveller | Runner | Indie Games | Xbox | Coffee | Bourbon

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