Little Big Changes You Can Make To Your Life In Order to Help Anxiety

Daine Mawer
8 min readJan 2, 2019
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I think we’ve all established that anxiety has become a rather big problem in our modern day world. As humankind swiftly moves ahead towards cramming more “stuff” into a day people are ever so surely being left in the proverbial dust.

The other day, I read a post that implied that “Anxiety is not an excuse” — it was a fair point to make, but it felt ignorant. Anxiety, in my opinion, is not that simple.

In fact, its one of the most complex emotions that a human being can experience. One, that without plenty of understanding and context, can be incredibly difficult to analyze and mend. Thus, it’s an oversight for others to think that for some, anxiety can be so easily overcome. Often, it can’t without consistent therapy, practice and/or medication.

As I’ve experienced my own anxieties, I’ve often come to the conclusion that sometimes “taking control” or “getting a grip” is about designing your own life. Its a profound thought is it not?

To have the ability to design how your life looks and feels?

Whoever told us that our own design was ever incorrect or sub-par? I'm here to tell you, that you can, in fact, design your own life.

This time of the year is always jacked up with “resolution” posts — but I know few who really take it seriously. A resolution implies that there is some real concrete motivation to change an aspect of your life. If ever there was a worse time of the year to do that, it would be the beginning of a new year. Why are we validated for trying to change our lives at the start of each new year? Why such big unaccomplishable goals? Why do we fail?

Gaining a six pack or changing your diet, being a better father or husband are massive, rather overwhelming life choices to make in an already busy world. Even more so if, in our modern day world, we don't see results instantly.

We lose hope, drop the ball and return to our comfort zones.

Children, work and family time take over and soon your resolutions are as good as the slips you keep in your wallet for months on end for some good-willed reason, only to eventually throw them out in one fell swoop.

Sometimes its the…

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